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Multi-Channel IP ACD with Universal Queuing
Centric IP Integration

Centric Hosted Predictive Dialer


CentricDialer provides a complete outbound solution for predictive, power, progressive, and preview dialing plus IVR dialing, available from Centric for use with Centric. CentricDialer gives Centric users access to state-of-the-art predictive dialing technology combined with powerful campaign management tools. This allows contact Centre managers to maximize the efficiency of their operations by taking advantage of both inbound and outbound calling capabilities.

CentricDialer provides Productivity Under Compliance. Its new pacing technology, based on massive call simulation instead of legacy techniques, yields higher agent productivity with fewer abandoned calls. This allows UK based companies to be in compliance with Ofcom’s new regulations that strictly limit silent calls, without sacrificing agent productivity. It also provides the highest level of integration possible between the dialer and ACD. And with CentricDialer’s user-friendly Campaign Manager component, contact outbound dialer managers can set-up, monitor and adjust outbound campaigns with unprecedented ease, all in a single, unified platform. Despite its predictive dialing excellence, organizations that prefer the more conservative power, preview and progressive dialing methods, or who undertake IVR dialing with optional access to live agents, will find that CentricDialer’s one campaign manager supports all of these methods.